Technical Info


xLights -
Falcon Pi Player -

Electronic Controllers

ECG Design by Edward D. Bryson - Joshua 1 Systems Inc. @
1 - EthConGateway DR4 - e1.31 to DMX Bridge
6 - ECGPIXAD8 - e1.31 8 output pixel controllers

SanDevicess Pixel Controllers
1 - e681 Pixel Controller - e1.31 16 output pixel pixel controller

Items below are DIY (Do It Yourself).

250 - RGB Led Strips (12 - 5mmX5mm Leds per strip)

Tiger Design by Phil Gartner - Australian Christmas Lighting Forum @
5 - Tiger DMX120

Lynx Design by Robert Jordan @
Lynx DMX Wireless Transmitter and Receivers
7 - Lynx Express DMX 16 Channel Controllers
2 - Lynx Freestyle DMX 128 Channel Controllers
36 - SSR (Solid State Relay) 4 Channel Relays
5 - DMX 4 port splitters

Misc. Hardware

Ramsey Professional Synthesized FM Stereo Transmitter.
Wee Traffic Counter from K-Hill Signal Co.

LYNX Express Controller

Lynx Express with wireless
The Lynx Express has replaced the original Lynx controller. The Lynx Express is a 16 channel all
in one controller like the Lynx but using the standard phase angle dimming with some advancement built in. Light
normalizing is built in to allow all LED's and incandescent lights to dim the same. This controller also uses the DMX
lighting standard protocol. With the add-on wireless module you can span distance without needing the
DMX cable, relieving the clutter of all the wires in your display.


LYNX Freestyle Controller

LYNX Freestyle Controller
The Lynx Freestyle is a 128 channel controller. This has two separate parts to it, the main controller
and the 32four channel SSRs (Solid State Relays). With the external SSRs, this will allow you to put your SSRs close to
your lights and power. You would need to run cat-5 cable from the controller to each four channel SSR.
This too has the DMX lighting standard protocol.


SSR4 Pod Top View

SSR4 Pod Top View

SSR4 Pod Bottom View

SSR4 Pod Bottom View
The SSR4 Pod has four SSRs (Solid State Relays). It's has 4 receptacles each is its own channel. It's housed in a 4"
thin wall drain pipe with a 4" coupler and a 4" cap. It can be placed in the weather and rain. With the cap
pointing up and the receptacles pointing down it will stay dry. Each SSR4 Pod connects back to a central
controller like the Lynx Freestyle.



The DMX SSR4 has four SSRs (Solid State Relays). This is a standalone controller that has the
DMX lighting standard protocol built-in. You do not need to connect this to the Lynx Freestyle.


Ramsey 25B FM Transmitter

Ramsey 25B FM Transmitter
The FM25B is a do-it-yourself learning kit that you assemble is from Ramsey Electronics.
I have my 25B set to broadcast on FM 98.1 MHz.


Wee Counter

K-Hill Wee Traffic Counter
The Wee Traffic Counter is designed to count slow moving traffic by driving over a hose that is connected to the Wee
Counter. When the tires roll over the hose it increases the pressure inside the hose and the sensor reads the
pressure and Wee Counter counts up. You can reset the counter back to zero by sliding a magnet along the
side of it so you can have a nightly count. The Wee Counter is locally built and is rugged to take
the worse abuse in weather and last for years.