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325 N Plum Street
Gnadenhutten, Ohio 44629
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Basically make your way onto State Route 36 towards Gnadenhutten. Take the exit into Gnadenhutten and that will turn into Walnut Street. Proceed on Walnut Street to the intersection of Tuscarawas Street. (If you reach the flashing light, you have gone too far.) Turn left on Tuscarawas Street. Proceed on Tuscarawas Street until the intersection of Plum Street. (3rd intersection). Turn left on Plum Street. We are located next to the last house on the left.

To Exit after visiting, continue on Plum to the dead end and turn left on Gibson Street. At the end of Gibson Street turn left on Chestnut Street. Continue on Chestnut Stret until the intersection of Tuscarawas Street. Turn right on Tuscarawas Street. Follow Tuscarawas Street until the intersection of Walnut Street and turn right on Walnut Street and follow it until you are back to State Route 36.

Display Etiquette

We are happy to have you as a guest to view our display. As we and our neighbors have to live here all season (and not just visit it once or twice), we are asking you to help us out by abiding by the following and please pass this information on to anyone you might refer our display to:

Please do not block the street, or any driveways.

Please keep all litter in your vehicle.

Please do not use driveways to turn around. Please follow the EXIT sign and it will allow you to exit from Chestnut Steet, next street over.

If you'd like to stay and watch the show for awhile, that's great. Just make sure you pull off the road. Plum Street is narrow road so please allow other vehicles pass by. If you have a particularly noisy vehicle, it would really help us keep neighborhood peace if you didn't idle it for long periods of time If you can shut it off for awhile, that would make our neighbors happy.

Similarly, please avoid honking horns (whether to show appreciation, or other reasons) and please do not play your music loud. If you'd like to leave us feedback we'd love to hear from you at, but car horns can really get on our neighbor's (and our) nerves!